Feelin' Raw Vegan

by Exuberant Dave

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Feel Good Hit of the Fall


How are you feelin' when you're eatin' raw vegan?

In tune with the earth, connected to the season
Like I took a fresh breath, energy through the ceiling
Got an ease in my step and a lightness in my being
Peace in my mind, loving life is the reason

Took the meat out
Took the cheese out
Took the milk out
Eggs from ovaries out
Now I took a lot out gotta put something in
Whole fresh ripe fruits and veggies for the win

When I first caught word of this raw food trip
It made so much sense but how 'm I gonna do it?
Got some fruits and veggies at the organic shop
Pulled my cutting board out and the knife went chop

I started working for a raw restaurant
High fat gourmet is the taste they want
But my co-working friend gave me 80/10/10
And Dougy Fresh led to my confusion's end

Keep it simple each meal
Variety through the year
Sleep until you can't
Drink water that's pure
Switch to the health model
Stop looking for a cure
It's about where you're headed
Doesn't matter where you were

How are you feelin' when you're eatin' raw vegan?

So I changed my career, started selling peaches
Gotta love sweet juicy fruit, nothing else can beat it
When the brix is up then it tastes the sweetest
Sugar spots on the skin tell me I should eat this

After summer stone fruit, falls persimmon season
I loved being at work cause my boss let me eat 'em
I'm a good advertisement, can't keep quiet
Sweet gifts from old trees, you know you wanna try it

So excited, couldn't hide it
Gonna throw a party and you're all invited
We're all pumped up on our natural diet
And so is anyone brave enough to try it

Straight from the first bite I know I'm gonna love this
Taking me to a height, there's no taste above this
My mind is alert and my body feels strong
I think I'll write a catchy song, so everybody sing along.


released October 12, 2014
Dave Bartels: beatmaker and words



all rights reserved


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