For the Birds

by Rhomboids

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Recorded between October 2008 and June 2010 by Dave Bartels
in Emeryville and Berkeley, CA
Mixed by Rob Bray at Underfoot
Mastered by John Dahl Honoré at MasterFade.


released October 10, 2010

All songs written and arranged by David Benjamin Bartels.
All vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion, keyboards, glockenspiel by DBB except:
(in order of appearance)
Dan Sarna plays Trumpet on tracks 2 & 7
Jordan Zell plays Trombone on track 2
Jules Cornaggia sings on track 3
Ryan LaPlant plays lead guitar on track 3
Bevan Herbekian sings backups on track 3
Laura Yeh plays flute on tracks 4, 7 & 8; sings on track 7
Mark Deutsch plays piano, melodica on track 4; lead guitar on track 6
Josh Fossgreen plays bass on track 6
Duncan Wold plays congas on track 7
Chloe Martin sings on track 8
Katie de Mahy sings on track 9
Jeremy Greene plays alto, tenor & baritone sax on track 10
Peter Garelik plays gong on track 11
Group vocals on track 7 by Jennie Gruber, Lauren Kennedy, Becky Herhold, Sarah Purdy, Dusty Caruso, Ryan LaPlant, Tim Shoffner, John Shoffner, Matt Holdaway
Group vocals on track 9 by Cathy Bartels, Jesse Bartels, Loren Gluck, Rob Bray, Gordon Jacobs, Jeanie Freedlund, Laura Yeh, Katie de Mahy.



all rights reserved


Rhomboids California

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Track Name: Won't Give it a Rest
I think the way you make me like
I like the way you make me think
Miss, make me move, Miss, make me move
Get me to the point, you don’t have to try
Tell me your name again and again

What do I want and what am I after? lets start with your laughter
I me your self around my center
There is no way that this is not happening
Here we are right now, we don’t have to try
You follow through and I will do the same for you

I gave you puzzle pieces for your ears
That’s all they are, the glue is clear
I admit it I’m obsessed, I confide it could cause a mess
I’ll do my best to hide it, but I won’t give it a rest
Track Name: Upon My Departure
Don’t want to be stuck inside no box
Rectangular prisms are not my style
Invite my family of friends to come
Now get your hands in the soil

When my heart stops pumping
I only ask of you one thing
That when I quit my breathin’,
Don’t be grievin’ it will have been my season
I hope you are happy that you knew me
And in this ritual, you can see the world right through me
Once this life has left my body
Bury what’s left of me underneath an avocado tree

You will not have to be alone
Though I’m not reached in the same way
Come be shaded by these leaves
Eat guacamole in May
Track Name: Oh Brother, Where Are Ya?
Those books they sit there on that bookshelf
I put them up there all by myself
Do they know what they’re telling me to do?
I don’t think so

I don’t think that I’m all locked in
But I’ll still show up on time again
Tomorrow is here, the future is gone
And I’m out there

I’m out there finding the more I see
It doesn’t matter what you are gonna be
You’re already there, we have been here
Now lets stop and stare

Lets stop and stare down the vast expanse
And can you help me pare down on all these extra pairs of pants
I’ll trade all of them but one for some free time
The days they run

The days they run in to one another
How many times per year do I see my brother?
Its never enough still I’m not moving back
The time flies by now its time to hit the sack
I plan my time as my sight turns black
But as always it slips right through the cracks
Track Name: Livin' in the Future
Livin’ in the future is no better than living in the past
Livin’ in the future we’re never gonna make it there at last
Livin’ in the future there’s no absolute you can say
Tomorrow is an illusion, you never get past today

Livin’ in the future the job’s not getting done
Livin’ in the future you are the only one
Livin’ in the future what reality could be
By the time you get there’ll be something else to see
What will you have for me and where will I be when its ready
Lets make this happen here and now no need to fuss about how
It’s so easy to sit, plan, and hope
Livin’ in the future

Let us not talk about what is not present
And what we cannot do about it
Let’s see what we have to work with and what can be done
Track Name: Kicking Past
Kick myself in the past
Kicking past myself
I have faith in my breaks
One inch long rubber pads
Heading down, and then up
Squeeze my hands, push my feet
Broke a wire, gears locked up
Pedal slow, hill is steep
I went in to your house
Left my bike in the hall
Took a spill, got back up
Sipped my fill, still filled my cup
Walked around all day long
Picked up more at every stop
Took the bus, sat in sun
PDA, got yelled at
When you’re here, don’t want my phone
That’s it’s use- to get me here
Look at you, look at me
Nothing else is interesting
Track Name: Talk Dance Kiss
I like talking
I’m kinda nervous cuz you’re cute
I’m thinking all day “I hope that she likes me”
I’d sacrifice anything to hang out with you

I like dancing
When the music’s good
We just have to let it all out
Do you know that I believe we should
Twist and shake the night away
Dance until the P in PM turns to A
Lose all our troubles along the way
Forget what you gotta do later today

I like kissing
On the check is cool
But wait a minute there now Misses
Do you want to know what would really rule?
Let taste inside each other’s lips
I want a long and passionate kiss
Locate your hands on my hips
Give me your drool, let me take a sip
Track Name: Magical
Do I mess this friendship up with love?
Natural growth tends to blossom
Flowers lead to fruit and seeds
For feed and more, or toss ‘em
There’s much knowledge yet to gather
Before my time unravels
And I know that I like it when you are around
In what will have been my travels
Just watch me get cliché:
I have not yet met someone like you
I need to say that I just may kiss you
That is if you’d like me to, cuz
Spending time with you is magical

Couldn’t take it anymore so I finally asked
Now at last I know where you stand
Separate and equal, we’re circular people
It’s a different kind of Venn diagram
Than the one I was hoping for
I wanted more overlapping
Unscrewed the lid, still glad I did
Even if the lid needed recapping
Now I see I should have read
What your body language said
When you moved your head
To the other side of the bed, still
Spending time with you is magical
Track Name: Searching / Straining
Not every line has to rhyme
But mine do most of the time
So I return to the same words
And so I chirp like the happy birds
Outside my window in the tree
They’re even happier than me
Because they’re free and they can hang
From the rim and my shotclock rang
Was it the dryer, my clothes are done
Or the alarm and I have to run
I run away from where I want
Into the place, they change my font
So my words slant, I have no choice
And I can’t help but change my voice
When I sit there, when I stand there
My back is straight to show I care
While I’m searching and straining
For the line I forgot to write before I turned off the light
Yeah I’m searching and straining
For the line I forgot to write before I turned off the light
And my head was cluttered for most of last night
It did not stop when my lashes touched
So I’m searching and straining

Up until now I didn’t know I cared so much
But I’ve spent some time without your touch
And things happen when you show that you don’t care
And wheels spin when I’m not there
Verse number two is always hardest to write
When I’m not so sure what I’m doing is right
And I know that none of this could have been planned
But it doesn’t appear that I understand
So we’ve made it to the second page
My words bleed through, proving their age
And will this song be memorized?
The world has it internalized
Most of these words live as sketches
Distant notions each one fetches
Reminders that it’s mostly the same
And something to witch I can sign my name
While I’m searching and straining
For the line I forgot to write before I turned off the light
Yeah I’m searching and straining
For the line I forgot to write before I turned off the light
And my head was cluttered for most of last night
It did not stop when my lashes touched
So I’m searching and straining
Track Name: "Real" World
The real world was building a fence around me
It was pruning the limbs of my possibility
It cut above my buds at a 45 degree
And I was feeling naked cuz it had cut off all my leaves
I was not getting enough sunlight or enough water
And the strong wind made my weak legs totter
Well I am not wise or fertilized
And you can see me through your turtle eyes
There’s no surprise after the frost it’s hotter

Was I waiting for my day to end?
Or waiting for my days to end?
I desired to mend the trend
There’s only so far these limbs can bend

Now the real world can lock you up
Make you lie down and roll over for your treats
Sure it will give you scraps every once in a while
Before it snaps at you like a crocodile
Don’t forget it owns your collar and your leash
Never forget who owns your collar or your leash

Are you waiting for your day to end?
Or waiting for your days to end?
If you so desire, you can mend the trend
There’s only so far these limbs can bend
Are we waiting for our day to end?
Or waiting for our days to end?
If we so desire, we can mend the trend
There’s only so only so only so far these limbs can bend
Track Name: Steep Steps
When I am out of tune and I have a messy room
There’s piles of clothes on my bed and no place comfortable to sit
There’s more than too much to do but I can’t stand up and I don’t want to move
Only one thing I can think of to improve

I need sleep to come to me
I sure could use some company
Someone who is always listening
I think I’ll wait (to speak)

I get the bum deal and its all my fault
I keep my goals locked up safe in a vault
I follow patterns when I should sketch
I shove off when I need to halt

No indication came from my lips
Ignored the warning signs from passing ships
Deep in the fog I steered the boat ashore
The metal ripped as my ego tore
I looked around and I lost my crew
They had jumped ship much before I knew
I start to gather up my scattered wits
They look for cracks in which to slip through
My body’s up don’t think no one is awake
My ears find comfort in the cloud’s break
My eyelids droop and my pen slows down
No one said this was a piece of cake
Track Name: Don't Get Comfy
I’m gonna go out and forage
I’m gonna find me some borage
I am going to stand up and flourish
I’m gonna eat some borage
I’m gonna build up my courage
I am going to clean out my storage
I’m gonna kill my fear today
I’m gonna look it in the eye
I’m gonna make it go away for good
My fear, this is goodbye

Its fair for you to take
The sleeves that keep me warm
An icon for your desktop
Will not contain my arms
Prepare for a mistake
You’ll be left in the cold
The wave that crests will break
Don’t fold is what I’ve sold
Pay mind to what you sell
Someday it will sell you
Would you buy the lies you serve?
And just who’s purpose would that serve?

We’ll get it all, won’t we?
Each and every plus and dash
It can be difficult to remember
Only you can shave your ‘stache
Hold on to what you want
Attend to what you choose
Stand up if you can walk
Singing shoo’s away the blues
Dive in and make a splash
But don’t get comfortable
Air goes in beyond your lungs
Never forget there’s higher rungs

Go ‘head deny it if you want
I’ll listen to your side
I see a case to be made for either
The road to cross is not so wide
So close we never touch
So far I cannot see
The timing between your words
But my shoulder still has vacancy
My time is expensive
I keep hoping someday it will be free
Why do I settle for twice less?
There are no deals on what’s priceless!
Track Name: Sea Veggies
The wind knocks me in the door
Liquid seeps through the window sill’s pores
The spider turns around and gives up
She can’t catch any friends her net’s all torn
Ok, but
Where does all the water come from?
From the top of the tallest mountain
From which it flows down to all of us
We could find out more if we could only catch up to the bus
And where do all the nutrients go?
To the depths of Neptune’s castle
A strong case to eat sea vegetables
They are grown in our eroded topsoil
I’m so sensitive to cold
They drilled me down and made a mold
In order to return first you must go
So say words I have read and been told.