Don't Get Comfy

by Rhomboids

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    First Single from the forthcoming album "For The Birds"

    Javanese Gamelan-influenced song about standing up and rising to the occasion.

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Don't Get Comfy

I'm gonna go out and forage
I'm gonna find me some borage
I am going to stand up and flourish
I'm gonna eat some borage
I'm gonna build up my courage
I am going to clean out my storage
I'm gonna kill my fear today
I'm gonna look it in the eye
I'm gonna make it go away for good
My fear, this is goodbye

Its fair for you to take
The sleeves that keep me warm
An icon for your desktop
Will not contain my arms
Prepare for a mistake
You'll be left in the cold
The wave that crests will break
Don't fold is what I've sold
Pay mind to what you sell
Someday it will sell you
Would you buy the lies you serve?
And just who's purpose would that serve?

We'll get it all, won't we?
Each and every plus and dash
It can be difficult to remember
Only you can shave your 'stache
Hold on to what you want
Attend to what you choose
Stand up if you can walk
Singing shoo's away the blues
Dive in and make a splash
But don't get comfortable
Air goes in beyond your lungs
Never forget there's higher rungs

Go 'head deny it if you want
I'll listen to your side
I see a case to be made for either
The road to cross is not so wide
So close we never touch
So far I cannot see
The timing between your words
But my shoulder still has vacancy
My time is expensive
I keep hoping someday it will be free
Why do I settle for twice less?
There are no deals on what's priceless!


released September 2, 2010
All instruments played by Dave Bartels, except big gong played by Peter Garelik.



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